Kidney & Bladder
Water Phase
Kidney yin
Bladder yang
Impetus, willpower
Governs endocrine system. Responds to stress via adrenal glands Governs autonomic nervous system - activity/rest response. Relates to pituitary gland.
Relates to reproductive drive via sex hormones. purifies Blood. Controls reproductive system and uterus. Purification of Ki via elimination of body fluids.
Hormonal system, pituitary, adrenals, ears, bones, hair Autonomic Nervous System, uterus, eyes
Synchronization and Fluidity
Willpower "Zhi"
Impetus - Getting ready to run
The Five Elements Associations - Water Phase
Key words: Power, stillness, movement, flow, cleansing, depth, persistence
Organ Yin:Kidney Yang:Bladder
Colour Dark blue, black
Season Winter
Climate Cold
Direction North
Time Bladder:3 to 5 pm / Large Intestine:5 to 7 pm
Taste Salty
Odour Putrid
Sound Groaning
Emotion Fear, paranoia. Courage
Behaviour Trembling
Sense Organ Ears
Sense Hearing
Body Tissue Bones, teeth
Manifests in Hair
Skin Colour Black, blue
Secretion Urine
Action Trembling
Power To store
Movement Downwards movement, stillness, rest
Physical Associations:
Fatigue, lack of energy, burnt-out
Kidney problems, dialysis
Chronic lower back pain
Oedema and swelling
Cold lower abdomen and back
Memory problems
Hearing problems, tinnitus
Vertigo, balance problems
Osteoporosis, problems with bones
Impotence, frigidity
Fertility and reproduction problems
Hair loss
Black look, darkness around eyes




Psychological Associations:
Fear, phobias, paranoia
Anxiety, nervousness
Continual stress
Overworking beyond physical ability
Overdriving, inability to relax
Lack of, or too much determination
Accident prone
Moaning and groaning
Willpower, strength
Working all the time
Irregular lifestyle
Physical Associations:
Chronic bladder problems
Frequent or infrequent urination
Bladder infections
Back problems
Neck problems
Headaches, migraines
Eye, vision problems
Uterine problems
Psychological Associations:
Nervous tension, unable to relax
Over-reaction to events
Restless, anxious
Unnecessary worry
Seeking balanced lifestyle
Sudden tiredness